Our Background

Garrington Property Finders was founded by property expert Phil Spencer in 1996 to offer a new way for buyers to find property. The model of estate agency was designed only to suit the interests of the people who had a property to sell hence agency fees being paid only by the vendor in a typical property transaction. There has always been plenty of help available to those selling  property but much less to those buying.

The services offered by Garrington restore the balance, ensuring buyers interests are fully represented.

The traditional set up leaves buyers to look after themselves, buyers who are often making an extremely important decision both financially and emotionally that could have a lasting impact on their lives.

The role of a property finder in Scotland

Saving clients valuable time and often expense, your dedicated property finder will conduct a diligent search across the marketplace for suitable properties and preview those identified before proposing only the very best for you to view on an accompanied tour.

Due to our long established network contacts it is often the case that we gain access to properties not advertised for sale or before they are due to come to market. We are continually in contact with other industry professionals, leaving no stone unturned in the search for the perfect property for our clients.

Once a property is found which the client would like to purchase the property finders role is to carry out due diligence and consider comparative sold prices in the area to establish the best negotiation strategy.

Property finders can be especially useful in a closed bidding situation as it can often be difficult to establish the figure which will ensure you secure the property whilst not overpaying.

Garrington work closely with your elected solicitor and other advisors as necessary through to settlement of the purchase.

How property finders work with estate agents in Scotland

The role of a property finder is often misunderstood; many believe we are in competition with estate agents. Whilst there is a natural divide due to acting in the interests of our respective clients, we are all working toward the same goal of a successful transaction. Estate agents appreciate the efficiency Garrington bring to the process of buying a property and also understand that our clients are committed buyers, meaning our interest on the behalf of our client is often taken more seriously than that of other unrepresented buyers.

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An informed decision

Garrington has a reputation of being highly efficient in their role as property finders and effective in finding suitable property on the behalf of private clients. Considerable access to market data along with Garrington’s credibility gives our clients an elevated buying position over that of an unrepresented buyer.

Garrington clients often find more suitable property in a shorter space of time, securing a home in the knowledge that the whole market has been scoured and thorough due diligence has been undertaken on their behalf.

Working together with a client’s elected solicitor, Garrington ensure a property is secured at the best possible price and terms.

Different types of searches

No two searches are the same; finding the perfect property in a large city is a very different process to finding a property in a rural area. Garrington is experienced in a multitude of search types and has assisted clients looking for all types of property across the UK.

The Scottish property markets in particular are very varied, from city searches in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen to searches for agricultural property in the Scottish Borders, country estates in the Highlands or even a castle on the coast – each unique property search requires a tailored approach depending on location and property requirements.

Confident in their ability to find each client their ideal property, Garrington offers a high level professionalism and efficiency in the field of property search and acquisition.

Additional services

Not limited to only finding residential homes Garrington property finders source all types of properties and also offer a spectrum of additional services.

Created following requests for guidance from past clients our additional services allow us to provide expert advice to clients who might not require our full property finding service or only require help on a particular aspect of buying a property.

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Professional property finders in Scotland

Taking an objective and professional approach to finding property Garrington is committed to setting the standards for the residential purchasing industry to follow. Garrington are proud members of The Property Ombudsman’s and follow the Buying Agents Code of Practice which was brought in to effect in January 2014.

Garrington have an impeccable track record built over many years successfully sourcing and acquiring prestigious property on the behalf of private clients across the UK. Striving to provide only the most appropriate and considered advice to discerning buyers to ensure a well-informed purchasing decision is made.

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