Finding a unique getaway

The search

Garrington were instructed to identify a unique holiday home in Scotland, the location was not entirely fixed, with the search being focused on the property type whilst accessibility was also important. The property was intended to be used as a holiday home by the family whilst also being let to paying guests.

The client informed Garrington early in the process that they weren’t expecting the search to be quick, they were looking for a ‘wild card’ and knew they didn’t come up often.

Garrington spent considerable time reaching out to agents who would potentially have remote properties within a few hour’s drive of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Airports, discussing the property requirements and registering interest. Indeed there were few properties for consideration.

Whilst the client’s primary focus was on the property being unique in style and build they also hoped for a property that was remote, to provide a sense of distance and a real getaway from day-to-day life.

Almost three months into the search Garrington had 3 properties that after previewing themselves they believed were worth the client travelling to view. From the shortlisting process it had become clear that the client leant towards period properties over more modern homes.

Accompanied tour

Two properties were within a few hour’s drive of Edinburgh and would be viewed on day 1, the third property would be viewed on a second day as it was further into the highlands.

Garrington collected the client from the airport and drove them straight to the first property, a unique castellated period home not far from the Cairngorms National Park. The property had extensive grounds, kept in impeccable condition by the current owner.  Whilst the client particularly liked the main house where the historical character had been well preserved they had doubts over the maintenance that would be required to keep the grounds to their current standard especially as this was to be a second home.

The second property was a large country house in the Scottish baronial style, with a stunning Rapunzel style spire, located not far from Aberdeen. This property also came with almost 20 acres of land but only a few acres required upkeep as the majority of the land was on a long term let to a nearby farm and much of the land near the property was established woodland, providing a sense of seclusion. Situated on an elevation the property enjoyed far reaching views of the Cairngorms National Park. The property itself was quite dated inside and would require modification however it’s category B listing might restrict what the client could do and they asked Garrington to look into this further.

Upon reviewing both the properties viewed over dinner at the hotel that evening the client had decided property 1 was not a realistic option but were keen to learn more about property 2 and the potential for modification.

The next morning Garrington and the client set off to the third and final property to be viewed, aware this was a wildcard and quite different from the previous two properties, the client had not yet seen any details of this property as it was not being openly marketed. Located on the banks of Loch Ness, the property was nearest to Inverness airport, it was not on their initial list of locations but Garrington had strong advised the client viewed based on the uniqueness of the residence.

Located down a private road, set within almost 3 acres of land with access to a secluded beach on Loch Ness, property number 3 was built around 80 years ago in an art deco style. Pulling up the property was rather unassuming with few windows facing the drive. Entering the property the client immediately realised why Garrington had so heavily recommended they view, the living space was entirely open plan with the wall facing the Loch entirely floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the water. Largely set over one level the property had 4 bedrooms and a paved area on the bank near the Loch with steps onto the secluded beach. The client loved the property and once back in the car after spending almost an hour looking at the home, informed Garrington that they would like to offer.


The property was not being advertised on the open market and the owner was not in a huge rush to sell it was simply that they were no longer using the property as often as they had when the first bought it many years ago and they had no interest in becoming landlords of a holiday let. The agent had told Garrington the price and provided them with the home report. With a property so unique it would be difficult to find comparable evidence of other similar sold properties in the area, a certain portion of the price would be placed on the uniqueness of the home. Garrington discussed this with the client and proposed an offer figure which the client agreed with.

Following a call with the clients solicitor a formal offer letter was put together that afternoon and sent to the selling agent. The client returned home and waited to hear. Although only a recent instruction the agent had had  other viewings that week and the seller wanted to give the other buyers a chance to offer. Whilst one other party did come forward, Garrington’s clients offer was preferred and the property was secured.

Value delivered

Garrington’s reputation as a professional property finder and the relationship with the local agent allowed them access to an off market property, whilst the client was hesitant due to the location being outside of the original areas Garrington’s thorough understanding of the search brief meant the ‘wildcard’ property was an ideal match. Without Garrington the client might never have looked at that area and never have found their unique second home.